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About Us
Cergis is a Service Provider that provides cost effective dedicated and shared Internet Services as a platform for a wider range of Information Technology based services to support all the needs of the customer.

With focus on services, innovation, integration and partnerships, Cergis will deliver comprehensive services and latest solutions to clients in residential, commercial, industrial and mixed used areas to help accelerate their core activities while providing a smart and better way of living.
What We Do
Experience the best Internet Service
Let us provide you fast, safe and reliable Internet

Accelerate and focus on your business and activities
Let us manage all your connectivity services

Evolve your daily life to new and exciting ways
Let us provide you with communication, entertainment and automation

Corporate Internet Services

Platinum class Internet for corporations. High availability Internet with multiple fiber optic line, ensuring service continuity

Commercial Internet Services

As a Multi Source Service Delivery Infrastructure partner, providing Internet and service monetization for Commercial Area

Residential Internet Services

Triple Play Internet for Tenants, Web and Apps based Integration Services to support both Tenants and Building Management

Hospitality Internet Services

Excellent Internet delivery with full range Wi-Fi coverage and system integration services for Hotels

IoT Services

Home Automation and Smart Living Support Services, live the 21st century as it should be

Internet Managed Services

Internet and Managed Services in one, providing device controlled auto switching to secondary line or LTE backup

Internet Infrastructure Services

Network Evaluation and Network Management services, streamlining the use of connectivity and data resources

Integration Services

COSU and BYOD Device Integration to manage utilization of internet, network and infrastructure resources

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